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Bombing the Internet with 10,000 - 20,000 - 50,000 backlinks in one day is a sure way get your site Google slapped! If you want your site to rank in Google, you can't risk messing around with link building packages that create thousands of links within a few hours and then never link to your site again. Since the Panda and Penguin algorithm updates, IT IS MORE VITAL THAN EVER to build your links NATURALLY, on a daily basis!

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So, you think your site will suddenly appear on the first page of Google because you posted links on a few blogs every other day? ...Or maybe you're an evil spammer who forgot how bad you will get slapped by Google when the algorithms catch you blasting thousands of links in a very short time and all over the web? STOP NOW! Autoblinks IS THE SOLUTION you need. Give naturl SEO signals to google by building links slowly every day, and get your daily backlink building package now! Watch your site move up the rankings day after day and week after week, slowly, but surely!

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AutoBlinks fills a vital role in your backlink building strategy. To succeed in Search Engine Optimization, you need tons of backlinks. It's SEO 101, but how you get those links is also important. A million backlinks will only hurt you if Google flags your site as spam and it disappears from the search results. AutoBlinks delivers the quantity you need, while establishing a consistent and credible link velocity for your site.

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Throwing tens of thousands of links at your site in a single day will get your site taken out of the search results completely. Instead of putting your rankings at risk, use AutoBlinks to build backlinks from a wide variety of blogs, ranging all the way up to PageRank 7 and including .edu and .gov domains.

Blog Commenting Is A Proven Technique

Blog commenting works and it's depended on by every SEO professional. AutoBlinks can generate links to your website from any kind of domain, even the .gov and .edu that carry extra authority with Google. You need a blog commenting provider. By choosing AutoBlinks, you can guarantee that you'll receive the best service available and get results that will put your website at the top of Google's results page.

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Link velocity is as important as link quantity, and if you want to build tens of thousands of links, the velocity you build at can be even more important. Build too many links overnight and your site will get slapped from the search results, but build links consistently with AutoBlinks, and your site will steadily climb up the rankings.