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AutoBlinks | automatic blog comments – FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions


Where will the backlinks come from?


As mentioned, these will be from blog comments. These comments will appear on blogs which have auto-approved comments enabled and "dofollow" links allowed.


Will I really get 1,000 backlinks per day?


Actually our system is able to post up to 1,500 blog comment backlinks per day, but naturally there may be some backlinks that drop off after some time due to a variety of reasons, but we notice that the percentage of backlinks that stick is in the 90% – 99% range.


What are the PageRanks of these blogs?


Our system is able to find 1,500 new blogs which allow comments that are auto-approved with dofollow links in them from among the billions of websites on the Internet. Naturally, there may be more low PR blogs than the higher PR ones. Though statistically rare, you may hit upon some blogs that have high PR which allow auto-approved comments and dofollow links. Your chances get better over time.


Can I target only those blogs related to my niche?


You can, by specifying the keywords you want to target, but why limit the number of blogs where your backlinks will appear? From an SEO perspective, though links from other pages with related content score higher, those links which come from other pages with unrelated content still do count towards building your rank in the search engines.


How many campaigns do I get?


You can have as many campaigns as you wish, but please note that your daily quota of 1,000 backlinks will be evenly distributed among your multiple campaigns. And you can also allocate more backlinks to some of your campaigns over others (e.g. you want 800 backlinks per day to and only 200 backlinks per day to


Can I have campaigns in virtually any niche market?


Yes, as long as your websites are legal, isn't involved with adult content, gambling, drugs, violence, terrorism, etc.


But there is one understandable exception – for obvious reasons of not having a conflict of interest, if your business is related to SEO and especially if you're a competing link building service, we're sorry but we cannot build links for you. I'm sure you wouldn't want the same thing happening to you. Use your own link building expertise to boost your own rankings and let's compete in a fair and free market.


 Can I be a reseller for your services and charge a mark-up to my clients?


Yes, you are more than welcome. Contact us via our web form


Is this a software that I install on my computer or login to use?


No. This is a dedicated service. There is no software for you to install and use (except maybe whatever email service you use to contact us). You are dealing with humans here (us and our dedicated staff), not robots. But we do use our own software to help with the link building.


How do you guys work?


Buy your subscription buy clicking on the blue "buy it now" button, fill the form and we will get back to you by email once the paiement is received. Let us know what keyword you want to target and what website you want to build links to. We'll get back to you within 24 hours at the latest. If you need to add more campaigns or modify an existing campaign or need any assistance, you can contact us via our contact form.


Do you have a service level agreement?


Yes. We promise the following – 

  • All reasonable requests via our dedicated customer support email address will be attended to within 24 hours at the latest.
  • You will receive a daily report containing the URLs of the blog pages where we placed your backlinks for the current day.
  • On a daily basis, after we submit your daily report, we will submit those pages where your backlinks appear to pinging sites, stats sites and meta indexing sites so your backlinks get crawled and indexed.


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