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Is your website targeting a specific market such as United Kingdom, France, Germany …?

if yes, you need GEO TARGETING BACKLINKS! Those type of backlinks aim at increasing the number of country-based TLDs (top level domain) pointing to your domain which shows that your website is popular in a certain country.


for instance, say you sell electronic cigarettes online in Belgium and your website is Since you have a .com domain, you will need a lot of .be domains pointing to your site so that Google understands better that your website is popular in this country. If you have a .be domain already, it doesnt mean to Gopogle that you only want to sell in belgium. Therefore, you need to increase the number of specific country websites linking to yours. This is called Geo targeting SEO. In order to rank higher in specific local search engines, you can buy your geo targeting backlinks on !


Country TOP Level Domains and geo targeting backlinks package list:

GEO BACKLINKS .UK: Get 250 different domain blogs pointing to your url using your specified keywords (approved links report included)

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GEO BACKLINKS .FR: Get 200 french domain blogs pointing to your own site

GEO BACKLINKS .COM.BR: Get 150 brasilian blogs linking to your zebsite with your preferred anchor links

GEO BACKLINKS .DE: Buy 150 backlinks from German blogs

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